Laura Bush: U.S. Ready for Female President

Laura Bush said Tuesday the United States is ready to have a woman president — preferably a Republican.

She offered her opinion while touring an exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts with Marta Sahagun, the first lady of Mexico, and Eliane Karp, the first lady of Peru. The exhibit features archaeological finds from Mexico and Peru that show that, long before Europeans arrived, women served as warriors, governors, artists, poets and priestesses.

"They really show what a heritage we have in our hemisphere, a really very, very organized and intellectual society," Mrs. Bush said.

During an exchange with reporters, Mrs. Bush was asked if the United States was prepared to have a woman in the Oval Office.

"Sure, absolutely," she replied. "I'm voting for the Republican woman."

Mrs. Bush previously has expressed support for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for president, but Rice has said repeatedly she's not going to run.