Troubling Trend

Teachers pushing their own politics onto their students. There's been a sudden spate of this stuff. It's popped up in Colorado and New Jersey. Heck, it's even popped up on "A Prairie Home Companion" in a way. Tuesday, Garrison Keillor called for Bush's impeachment.

But the two incidents at high schools are especially troubling.

In New Jersey, a high school teacher named Joseph Kyle decided it was time to hold a war crimes trial with President Bush as defendant. The principal approved the project.

A student played President Bush. He had a defense team. There were prosecutors. Five teachers sat as the "International Tribunal."

The teachers union not only approved it but also thought the teacher was completely justified.

I think all of them are not only putting their anti-Bush politics on display, they are telling us they are comfortable doing so because they feel so righteous about their cause, which might be simply stated as Bush is a war criminal, end of story.

After all, they could have had a student debate that said something along the lines of be it resolved, the president screwed up with this dumb war.

That would have displayed a little bias but still given students who support the president a little wiggle room.

With a war crimes trail, the assumption going in is that war crimes were committed and the president is a good suspect.

If you're a student at Parsippany High School in Morris County, New Jersey, and you see the principal, the teacher, the teachers union all think this is ok, you got the message. Are you going to fight city hall when the college of your choice, perhaps even scholarships, hang in the balance?

Same thing with this geography teacher in Colorado. A student taped him giving his lecture, which posited the notion that Bush's State of the Union address employed the rhetorical tactics of Hitler.

Once again, you're a student, your college placement hangs in the balance. Are you pushing back against a passionate anti-war, anti-Bush teacher who grades your papers?

These are high schools out of control. It's one thing to have teachers who march in every anti-war parade, but principals and superintendents are supposed to oversee them and rein them in when they run amok.

Here we have the school's upper management enabling these bullying tactics against students.

As for Garrison Keillor, I do wish he'd stick to "Guy Noir, Radio Private Eye" and Lutheran preacher jokes from Lake Woebegone.

Now when I listen every week I have to say, jeez, here's a guy who's calling for impeachment. Maybe I don't like this show so much after all.

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