Get a Jump on the Weekend

Do we have something for everyone this weekend? Of course we do!

First off, please welcome Republican strategist Rich Lowry to the anchor seat this weekend. He'll be adding his insights and perspectives to the latest news happening here and around the world. Can't wait for Rich!

Also, if you have not tuned in during the week, the "FOX & Friends" crew has moved from Studio A to Studio B. Why the move? Much more space and a better look! We can do cooking segments inside the studio instead of the greenroom. There are great spots for one-on-one interviews, plus a bigger arena for the liberals and conservatives to square off. How about them apples?

All right, lets get into the meat and potatoes:

Politics: President Bush continues his trip abroad, heading to Pakistan overnight. Is the president making some points with his visit to India and Pakistan with the American public? Is our relationship with our allies in the fight against terror still solid? We'll take a look.

The port deal is still making headlines. Will Dubai World Ports take over operations or will lawmakers kill the deal? More importantly, what does this mean for the average American when it comes to security here at home? Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton, plus others, will take a further look into this.

Terror: We'll investigate Iran's nuclear ambition and other hot spots, including Al Qaeda in Iraq.

This & That: Is there too much violence on TV these days, especially when it comes to our kids? It's a hot topic that virtually everyone has an opinion about. We'll hash it out.

Also, we've got some water-cooler talk: lying in the workplace. Oh come on, you know it happens! But what happens if you get caught and, better yet, how to prevent such stuff from affecting you?

Must Be McCuddy: Bill will be in Tinseltown previewing the Oscars. On Sunday, you the viewers will have an opportunity to "Pick Your Flick." Who trusts the Oscar voting anyway?

So rustle up those eggs and grits — or bran muffins and juice — and watch Julian, Alisyn and Rich take on the world this weekend on the FOX News Channel, the most powerful name in news.

See you guys this weekend!

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