Nothing but Grrrs

Lots to Grrr about as I get ready for La La Land and the Oscars (be sure to visit for the stream on Sunday).

What was with the women on "American Idol" Tuesday night? Simon Cowell had it right when he said "boring" to most of the contestants. If it weren't for my DVR, I would have changed the channel.

Luckily, all I needed to do was fast forward after hearing the opening lyrics to most of the songs. Thank God for Mandisa.

As for the men Wednesday, while there are a few good ones (Ace, Gedeon and Daughtry especially), if Elliot Yamin does not win this competition, it will be proof that America is tone deaf, and we'll be stuck with mediocrity and MTV Cribs forever.

As for Yamin, he needs to front a very cool band and make some great music. His voice is unbelievable. For my money, this year, and I know its still way early, the race is between Yemin and Daughtry.

Kings of New York

So, two of New York's biggest egomaniacs are eating some humble pie this week. Howard Stern is about to find out what an angry television mogul can do, and Donald Trump is seeing life on the downside of the Nielsen ratings.

Perhaps Trump's letter to the Domestic Diva backfired on The Donald and viewers of "The Apprentice" simply got turned off, but what's more likely is Trump is just joining the NBC downward trend that started with mediocre "Saturday Night Live" episodes (Ashlee Simpson), the loss of "Friends" and "Frasier" and this year's embarrassing showing of U.S. athletes at the Winter Olympics.

As for Stern, he should thank CBS for bringing on a lawsuit charging breach of contract for hyping his move to satellite radio over their airwaves. Without the press, the American public might actually forget about him.


What is it with the billboards these days? Looking out my office window over Times Square, I get a plethora of mixed ads. There's a giant Expedition Everest billboard for Disney World right in my line of sight, and for the most part, I'm OK with that. I love Disney World.

But the Sean John ad with Diddy in a triumphant pose with his fist in the air while looking down in an ugly pair of "CHIPS" sunglasses is over the top. Racecar driver Danika Patrick is in an ad for Argent with the tagline" "Gentlemen, Start Your Excuses." OK.

Washington Mutual is advertising "Free Checking," but we all know nothing in this world is free. Or is it? I'll have to look into that one. A squirrel is sporting its giant pearly whites in a billboard for "Nuts," a new animated movie. At least I think it's new, but the most Grrring one is the giant Hershey bar over the Hershey's store. Makes me hungry.

Of course, the plethora of lighted billboards that move a lot requires Dramamine, so if you ever visit me up here at FOX, be sure to bring plenty.


Porn star Savanna Samson is now a winemaker. Her "Sogno Uno" brand rates very highly with wine enthusiasts everywhere, and having tried it, I can say it's very good. Samson's real name is Natalie Oliveros, and while the porn industry has gained ground on "mainstream acceptance," it would be nice if her wine took off, so she can leave that life behind.


This weeks mark the beginning of Lent. I plan on going easy on my scotch intake over the next 40 days, and focusing a little more time on my family, rather than decompressing from work at the local pub around the corner from FOX.

As much as I like a good glass of Johnny Walker Black, spending time with baby Maxine is way better.

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