Port Deal Will Go Through

Here's the bottom line: The port deal is going through.

When I said that it wouldn't go through and that the president's underlings who approved it should be fired, I was wrong. They're considered the smart guys who made a smart, globalizing deal, and the port deal is going to be pushed through.

This is despite the fact that early polling seems to indicate Americans who generally side with President Bush really don't like the deal.

It's going to go through because the inside-the-Beltway people who generally line up behind Bush are going to line up again.

The 45-day period is going to be used to convince people who have to vote on this deal — Congress — that they have a way to defend themselves in the fall if they vote to approve it.

The question of the fate of the port deal has thus been answered.

The unanswered question is the one everybody is afraid of. That is, what are you going to do about it?

Nobody knows the answer to that and the answer won't come until November.

First of all, who are you? You are Bush supporters who have voted for him twice, thought he was right on the war and on the wiretapping and on Gitmo and who don't think Abu Ghraib was his fault. Your passport says "Bush Country."

The experts already know what the Dems are going to do. They're going to jump on Bush because he did something they have always insisted he should do, which is avoid racial profiling. They don't want it at the airports, but it's fine at the ports.

But never mind them. It's you that's the big mystery.

Are you going to forget this by November?

Are you going to forgive this by November?

Are you going to be convinced it's OK by November?

Will you be so disillusioned you don't go out to vote? Will you go out to support Bush Republicans as you always have?

By the way, did you know the Congress dropped a restriction which would have forbidden the French government from bidding on Pentagon contracts to build U.S. military aircraft?

Ports, nuke plants and military contracts, it seems to me, should be off limits to foreign government-owned companies.

That's My Word.

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