A Fat Tuesday of Stories

President Bush headed to India today, but first he met with Silvio Berlusconi of Italy and said that Iraqis must decide if they want chaos or unity. That is really the crux of the situation in Bagdhad today.

The Iraqis are fighting to hold onto what they are trying to build. They are shaken by the relentless bombings of those who want to incite civil war — and to what end? The terrorists offer the people nothing: no better alternative, no economic promise, no security. It is a very tall order, but it is true and simple: Iraqis must decide if they will stay divided or if they will unify in a truly unprecedented way. To join Shia and Sunni in common cause and government is what their leaders say they want. Can they achieve it?

The revelers are pouring down Bourbon Street and their floats are expressing the wry sense of humor of New Orleanians. People dressed up as Mold and Meals-Ready-to-Eat. The always "entertaining" — and now politically challenged — Mayor Nagin donned military garb and rode a horse through town. Six months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, revelers paused and church bells rang to remember the 1300 dead. A good influx of cash from the tourists should be a shot in the arm. Spend it wisely. May the Gulf Coast by the strength of its people and some real leadership, rise again.

If you had your TV on for five minutes today, you likely saw the pictures of Anna Nicole Smith making her way to the steps of the Supreme Court. She shielded her eyes with Jackie-O shades and shushed away the cameras. It was quite a spectacle, proving that truth is always stranger than fiction. Smith says her former husband Mr. Marshall wanted her to have more than just $6 million in real estate and the hundreds of thousands in jewelry and clothes. The court will decide a rather significant question of jurisdiction, that has little to do with the actual case and more to do with where it was initially decided and then struck down.

We asked what you thought about the whole thing and here's what one viewer had to say:

"Listen, I'm a guy and I know that a beautiful woman is a great ego booster, and if I had one chasing me and I was that age... I would not be thinking in my right mind. She is like an addiction, how could you resist? She's a gold digger, point blank."
Salamanca, NY

Most of you felt she should get some, if not all, of what she was after and that they both knew what they were in for and signed up willingly. I do wonder though how folks would feel if she were unattractive or not famous or even infamous. What if a young MAN married an older wealthy woman and tried to cut her daughter out of the money.

Just curious.

Wednesday after the show, I head to Washington. On Thursday we will do "FOX News Live" from the D.C. bureau after my morning interview with Tom DeLay. I will sit down with him in his new, much smaller office and ask him what the last few months have been like. We'll talk about his relationship with Jack Abramoff, his loss of his House leadership position and how he gets along with the president these days. Don't miss it!

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