Wild Rumors

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Thursday we hit the road again. We have a special show for you airing from New Orleans. I checked out the weather for New Orleans for the next few days and rain is predicted. New Orleans and the Gulf States don't need rain, which only makes me wonder, are we ready for the June 1 start of hurricane season?

Last night there was breaking news from San Quentin. Condemned man Michael Morales was about an hour from execution when he was spared... at least for now. What we did not get to report last night, but which I thought interesting, is that Morales' clemency petition (denied by the California governor) was signed by former Independent Counsel Ken Starr and was supported by the judge who presided at the trial in which he was convicted of murder. Apparently, now the trial judge has some problems with the conviction and believes Morales should not be put to death. This is a rather unusual twist in the case.

The three hours leading up to our show last night were a bit chaotic. We got word about 6 p.m. ET that there was some breaking news in Aruba. It turned out NOT to be breaking news, but necessarily turned all of our attention to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. We all pounded the phones for information to see what was the big news. As time passed, it appeared that there was no breaking news, but rather that all of us in the media had gotten each other a bit jazzed up. Sometimes when word, and even mistaken word, gets out to the media that there is big news, we all get a bit nutty... sort of like a wildfire in a dry forest. But alas, as it turned out, we confirmed it was just rumor... just a wild rumor.

By the way, Ted and Bernie both missed last night's show for good reasons, not because I teased them on our show on Friday night. They are not protesting. Ted is still on vacation (he apparently has an extended idea of what Presidents Day is, he thinks it is more than one day...) and Bernie had an engagement last night — hence neither was on the show last night.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

Hi Greta,
This is crazy! Did Michael Morales care if Terri Winchell felt pain as he repeatedly smashed her head with a hammer and repeatedly stabbed her? Whatever pain he may feel, will never be enough for the pain he in flicked on Terri. I'm afraid to fly and hate needles, but buy my ticket, I'll give him the shot myself! Oh wait, I'm not a doctor. I forgot, the criminals have more rights than the victims. This is the greatest country in the world and this is the best we can do? This is not justice — it's insane!
Cathy Y.

E-mail No. 2

In regards to the issue of convenient forum in the Natalee Holloway case and burdening the taxpayers of the Great State of New York... well, as one of the taxpayers of the State of New York, I would like to say that I don't mind at all. It is zero inconvenience to me. Just the opposite: I would gladly contribute and also raise money to offset costs, if my beloved city and the Great State of New York would allow the Natalee Holloway lawsuit filed by John Q. Kelley on behalf of the family to proceed.
God bless all good and kind people. The truth in this case will come out and I truly hope that is a very, very scary prospect for those hiding, covering up, lying to police, investigators, a grieving innocent family, all friends, all good hearts all over the world and your family, friends and neighbors — the good hearts of Aruba. We are all suffering — the truth will come out. God is watching and judgment day is approaching.
Great thanks, Greta, to you and the OTR team for the great job you all do,

E-mail No. 3

This is my first day of getting the subscription of your blog rather then accessing through the FOX News site. Wish I had done it earlier.
Alaska Airlines question: If they said that the door was not latched properly I would have gotten back on the plane without much thought.
I did not see your show from Indianapolis Friday night, which is too bad as I would have been interested in seeing the exchange between you and your panel. To be honest, and nothing against the individuals on your panel, I could get along just fine without them. It always seems as though they end up interrupting each other so much and getting so loud that I don't get much out of their input.
All the best,

E-mail No. 4

Quick hint for you computer users on the go: while it is all set up and working, get a bunch of different colored markers and mark the case with one color where the cable plugs in and the end of the cable with the same color. It makes it really easy to reconnect everything. Switch colors and mark the next cable and where it plugs in.
Art Kentville
Nova Scotia

E-mail No. 5

Just had to tell you, I thought you were talking about me with all the computer problems. I'm by my computer like I am my car. I know how to start it and drive it, but underneath, zero knowledge. Thank goodness there are people who do know how and I praise them. So don't feel like you are alone in his world. Have a great program tonight, as Frank and I never miss you.
Aliceann Pellegrino
Niagara Falls, NY

E-mail No. 6

Dear Greta,
My sympathies on the frustrating computer situation. I don't have to imagine what you 'looked' like... been there done that, until finally figuring out it was the PC and not me. So, I saved my sanity and marriage by purchasing an iMac. If you've never felt like 'hugging' your computer instead of giving it a good crunching 'choke hold'... you really should consider buying a Mac. (No I don't own stock nor am I employed by Apple... just too many of the days like you had until someone was kind enough to explain the difference between PCs and Macs.)
We really enjoy "On the Record" and count on it's balanced background to view the current stories.
Shirley Estes
Manor, TX

ANSWER: I have both a PC and an Apple laptop... I much prefer the Apple. My problem was the Internet connection. I still don't know what the problem is or how to fix it.

E-mail No. 7

This show so totally sucks! I can see why she's on so late. It a female agenda with no world news. Why not a totally male agenda? Speak out about how men get screwed? Or how we drink beer and belch and fart?
Screw the woman crap! Make the show interesting and you might just get a good time slot? Ya think?
I forgot your a woman with emotions and chemical inbalances. (sic)
Knocking my head against the wall calling myself a stupid nonsensative free thinking male who has no emotions.
What was I thinging? (sic) I should apologize, but I have no reason too anymore. I'm not married.
Good luck with your agenda. I know it will go know where cause I know many other people who have seen your show too.
Take care,
Stewart Chase

E-mail No. 8

I was just watching the segment about the man to be executed tonight and the problem with an inmate might feel pain with the first injection. You have got to be kidding? He hit the girl over 20 times with a hammer, raped her. What about the pain she felt and her family? He is lucky he is getting the easy way out! I think they should turn him over to her family and let them do to him what he did to that girl. This should have been done along time ago, why feed, clothe him and let him breath our air? Him and all the other people on death row...

E-mail No. 9

I am utterly amazed at this! A shot for a convicted murder/rapist/cold blooded killer is cruel and unusual punishment? What is wrong with these people? He raped/tortured and beat that poor girl over the head with a hammer! Maybe they should do the same thing to him!
Sherri Heflin
Phila, MS

E-mail No. 10

Oh, Greta, you are so diminished since you went to Faux News. You used to have credibility. Now you're just the Queen of the National Enquirer. Shame on you!

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