Police Arrest Gunman After Vegas Casino Slaying, Standoff

Police crashed through a 20th story window of a Las Vegas Strip hotel-casino Tuesday and arrested a suspected gunman who authorities say killed another man and shot at police and paramedics.

Guests were evacuated from several nearby floors, but the Harrah's casino remained open during the six-hour standoff.

It wasn't immediately clear if the suspected gunman resisted when officers entered the room, police Sgt. Chris Jones said. Some SWAT officers rappelled down a face of the 29-story hotel tower and broke through the window to reach him.

Jones said there were clear signs of a struggle between the gunman and the man who died in the original shooting about 12:30 a.m. The gunman also shot into the hallway at police and paramedics during the initial hectic minutes after the victim was hit.

Guests were evacuated from the 19th, 20th and 21st floors and offered blankets and food at the hotel buffet, Harrah's spokesman Alberto Lopez said.

The gunman and the victim were both identified as guests at the hotel, but their names were not immediately made public.