Desperate Times

Can you believe in an era of intense personal party-to-party political disdain, we have an issue that leaders for the Dems and GOP both agree on?

Well, it's true and it's in the form of port security. Can you believe we are turning it over to the United Arab Emirates? An Arab security firm is set to replace a British firm and Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Peter King came on our show to try and alert Americans to the potential disaster. I know UAE is a valued ally, but terror is financed and lives inside their borders. How easy would it be to infiltrate the company roster and, in turn, our nation? How about "too easy" and I hope the outrage resonates in the White House and they reverse course.

What about the crazy gym teacher that asked his middle school students for a dollar to miss gym class? The 28-year-old man was fired and turned himself into authorities on Thursday. Has a dumber scam ever hatched? I think not!

The ratings decline of the Torino Olympics is perhaps the most interesting phenomenon in TV. Getting beaten by FOX's "Idol" is OK. But almost losing to "House"? I say this every year, but NBC kills itself by banning all video highlights. In this super slow sports period, I for one — and I know many others — would be running reams of tape, maybe even of curling. Instead I get a photo per event. Wow — fantastic. Thanks. Not only is that bad for the Games, but it's death for the athlete. They live for one moment and often that moment is harvested by NBC. (As an aside: I saw a shot of Al Roker in Lycra and even with a stomach staple it's scary!)

Gretchen was excellent spelling E.D. from 7-9 a.m. ET this morning, as was Alisyn — starring on "FOX & Friends First." Next week, Simon Cowell joins us in studio and Steve takes a well-deserved week off. Hey, a whole blog done and not a word about the VP's hunting prowess!

By the way, I need your grassroots sports highlights. Your kid's first game, a friend's game-winning shot — let us make our national show seem like your local newscast. Also if you are a college kid and want to be our stringer for a big top 20 hoops contest — like Peter Doocy at the Nova-Uconn game — e-mail me at We won't get you into the game, but if you are going and willing to recap it the next day, contact me and we will try and make it happen.

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Have a great weekend! And thanks for making us No. 1!


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