The Media's Not-so-Best Friend

Now that we've heard from Dick Cheney about shooting his friend, I think I can finally say what's been on my mind since this American version of the cartoon riots started on Monday.

What did you expect?

All these people are clucking their tongues about Cheney being dumb and letting this serious story turn into a super serious, shaking-the-foundations-of-government story.

As Brit said Wednesday when he interviewed Cheney, all you had to do was call the AP and it would have been over.

True, but come on, kids. It's Dick Cheney.

This is the guy who told Pat Leahy to go screw himself. This is the guy who famously said not only no but hell no. This is the guy who does not have the press following him at every moment and is well known for being in an undisclosed location. This is the guy who called a reporter a bad name and then underscored it with an emphatic big time.

This is Dick Cheney, the media's not-so-best friend.

You heard him tell Brit he thinks the Washington press corps had their feelings hurt because they called the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and not The New York Times with the news that the vice president was not shot, but did shoot someone himself.

This is Dick Cheney, the guy who was in charge of finding a vice presidential candidate and picked himself. This is the guy who spent a lifetime in public service and then made a pile of money working for Halliburton and doesn't care if you think that is unseemly or weird.

This is the guy whose idea of an energy policy meeting is to call in the oil guys, tell the wind power guys to go fly a kite and then lock the door and hold his meeting. And not only that, he's the guy who went all the way to the Supreme Court to defend his right to have that meeting behind closed doors and not let the enviros in.

Of course Dick Cheney feels bad he shot his friend. Of course it shook him up. But more than that, of course this is a guy who couldn't care less if the press doesn't like him.

After all, if you had to care about something like that, what would be the point of being the second most powerful man on the planet?

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