Court Filings Reveal More in Entwistle Case

A man charged with murdering his wife and baby daughter searched the Internet for ways to kill people and methods of committing suicide in the days before the slayings, authorities said.

He also trolled the Internet looking for escort services and Web sites that offer help finding sexual partners, according to search warrant documents released Monday.

Neil Entwistle, 27, was arrested in his native England last week and charged in the Jan. 20 slayings of his wife, Rachel, and their 9-month-old daughter, Lillian, at their home in the Boston suburb of Hopkinton. They were shot to death as they cuddled in bed.

U.S. marshals are expected to bring Entwistle back to Massachusetts this week.

Investigators said a search of Entwistle's computer revealed he searched the Internet for information about suicide, euthanasia and "killing people with a knife," on Jan. 16 and 17.

The same week, he obtained the names and addresses of various escort services. He also visited a Web site called "Adult Friend Finder," which investigators said helps subscribers find sexual partners.

Prosecutors said last week in court papers that they believe Entwistle killed his wife and daughter because he was despondent over running up tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and that he was dissatisfied with his sex life.

They also said Entwistle may have planned to commit suicide, but backed out and fled to his parents' home in England.

A judge ordered the documents released at the request of news organizations, over the objections of the district attorney, who said the material could compromise her investigation.