Politics Is a Battle for Ideas

The New York Times recently reported on Democrat concerns that they have been unable to take full advantage of Republican mistakes. In the article, one Democrat pointed out that for too long Democrats have been very good at saying no.

It's easy for politicians to tear others down and point fingers without substituting the positive things they stand for instead. This is an easy trap for politicians to fall into because the minute they offer their own solution, they fear the target will be painted on them.

Politics is a battle for ideas, not a battle for votes. Politicians that choose the cautious route, content to point out the negative, will never be successful because the American public intuitively knows that to be a leader you must have a positive agenda of your own.

Republicans took the easy road for nearly 40 years until they understood this fundamental political principle. In 1994 they finally put together a comprehensive positive agenda, thus the Contract with America that propelled the Republicans to success.

If Democrats hope to make any gains in running this country they need to take a page from the Republicans, explain what they stand for and stop saying no and being so angry.

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