Cops Fire Tear Gas at 7,000 Muslim Protesters

Police fired tear gas at about 7,000 students protesting the Prophet Muhammad cartoons Monday in northwestern Pakistan.

The students marched to one Christian university, where they threw stones breaking windows and causing other damage.

Police shot the protesters with tear gas and hit them with batons when they tried to march on the provincial governor's residence.

In southeast Turkey on Sunday, at least 30,000 people denounced the cartoons in a peaceful rally. In Istanbul, however, ultra-nationalists chanted "vengeance" and pelted the French consulate with eggs. In another protest, crowds shouted "Down with the USA," "Down with Israel" and "Down with Denmark."

The publication of cartoons in Europe depicting Islam's prophet have enraged much of the Islamic world and set off protests from Canada to Indonesia. Some of the protests have been violent, and the tension has noticeably increased anti-Western dialogue in the Muslim world.

The cartoons first appeared in a Danish newspaper. In one, Muhammad was depicted wearing a turban shaped like a bomb. Muslims do not believe in showing the face of the prophet.