Bush's Verbal Blunder

Hang on to your hat. The Bush joke-writers are banging them out right now, even as I speak.

You see, our president made another one of his famous verbal gaffes Thursday in the middle of an otherwise jaw-dropping speech on the War on Terror.

The president is giving speeches about how we've been doing in the War on Terror and why we need to keep listening to Al Qaeda's phone calls when they call America and Americans when Thursday he shanked one in the style of President Jerry Ford. Remember how Ford used to boink an onlooker with an errant golf shot every once in a while?

The Bush version of that was on display again Thursday, and Leno and Letterman and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are going to have an absolute field day with it.

I was sitting in front of the TV watching as Bush described a terror plot aimed at Liberty Tower in Los Angeles.

I thought, "Hmmm, what Liberty Tower?" I couldn't remember the Liberty Tower.

Turns out there was a reason: There isn't a Liberty Tower. It was actually called Library Tower, now known as U.S. Bank Tower.

It was in "Independence Day," the movie, and got blown up right away.

In fact, that's where Khalid Shaikh Mohammed got the idea. He's a movie fan evidently.

Ok, it was the Library Tower. I await Thursday night's monologues. This is a gimme for the joke writers.

But lest the point be forgotten: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is in a jail cell. And others like him are also in cells or are dead.

Part of the reason is we're so spooky with our high-tech spying toys.

Connect the dots? High-tech spying capabilities, terrorists foiled. Controversy over use of high-tech spying? This isn't hard to figure out, is it? I know the American people have.

Why is it certain politicians have not? Why do they keep screaming, "Dot the 'i's, cross the 't's. Legal, legal, legal, and we'll tell you what legal is, by the way."

Just remember: Next time a terrorist plans to blow up the Liberty Tower in L.A., you want somebody on our side to be listening, don't you?

Even more so if they're planning to blow up the Library Tower, which is also in L.A., evidently.

That's My Word.

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