Q & A With "War Stories" Producer

Greg Johnson
“War Stories” producer Greg Johnson is hard at work putting the final touches on this Sunday’s premiere episode, “Inside Iraq: Eyewitness to History.”

Tune in January 29, 2006 — Sunday, 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET

He found a few spare minutes to answer some questions for FOX Fan Central.

Q: What was the biggest surprise you encountered during the December 15 election in Iraq?

Greg Johnson:
The biggest surprise was how well the elections went in Ramadi. I think everyone expected them to go moderately well — that some people would come and vote — but many anticipated that there would be terrorist attacks against voting sites. Instead, the citizens came out in huge numbers, and overall, the day was very peaceful.

Q: Did you see any evidence that women are ready and excited for an expanded governmental role?

Greg Johnson: One quarter of the seats in the new Iraqi parliament are reserved for women members of the winning blocs. This should give Iraqi women a political voice with which to make new legislation and modify existing laws that support women. It was evident that this is a challenge they are looking forward to.

Q: How has the mood of the everyday person in Iraq changed since your last visit?

Greg Johnson:
The Iraqis that I met on this trip seem to be in a much more optimistic mood. After three years of temporary governments — the Civilian Provisional Authority (CPA) under Paul Bremer and then the Interim Parliament — they seem to now clearly understand this is THEIR government and they are responsible for it. Many Iraqis I met want things to progress, and realize that they can make that happen.

Q: How is the morale of our brave men and woman serving in Iraq?

Greg Johnson: The morale of the American servicemen and women in Iraq is as upbeat and positive as ever. These Americans have an incredibly difficult job to do in a land that can seem very foreign and is obviously far from home. But they wake up every day in Iraq and work with the Iraqis and try to do the best job possible. It’s extraordinary how they are able to remain committed to their work and mission, day in and day out.

Q: We hear that you had a special day while in Iraq...

Greg Johnson: Last year I celebrated my birthday on a “War Stories” shoot in Nuremberg, Germany and had a great time. The Germans who were our hosts organized a quick birthday dinner and it was a special day that I will always remember. This year, I knew it would be memorable to spend my birthday in Iraq, but I didn't expect any type of celebration. Luckily, I shared a birthday with one of the Marines we were with, and everyone held a joint party. I can't think of a better place I would have wanted to spend it. Most certainly, a birthday I will never forget. I can't wait to see where FOX News will take me next December 19th!