Your Grrrs: Jan. 26, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Trent L. writes on A. Davis: I could not agree with you more. What husband, claiming to be a man, could just stand there and let their wife be in the middle of a potentially violent atmosphere. The problem is in our society today we allow the minority to rule how the majority should think and act. We have become afraid of being called insensitive to other people's alleged rights, no matter how perverse. Link this attitude with the threat of legal action, and one day we will allow people to attack others because they can't help being violent, it is who they are. If we don't start putting our foot down, as Antonio Davis did, one of these days child molesters will be able to molest children, because they can't help it and it is their constitutional right to live as they do. If Antonio Davis does have to pay the fine, he should pay it in pennies. He should not be fined, he should be commended by the true men and women of the United States of America.

John F. writes: I agree with you Mike, but don't forget that it all started with players and coaches "Trash Talking." It has been encouraged and condoned by the sports leagues. The fans are a "Symptom." What ever it takes to win is the "Root Cause."

Al R writes: First, I agree with you regarding the behavior of fans. That being said, I do have to ask if you think either Mr. or Mrs. Davis are going to do anything to make sure that New York fans no longer treat opposing team players or their wives as Mrs. Davis was treated? I am pretty sure they will not bother to express their displeasure with New York fans who act boorishly. The comment regarding civility is right on, and can be applied to any number of societal areas.

Jeff in Austin: Mike, never underestimate the power of alcohol or a free T-shirt.

Gil in Va.: Mike, have to disagree with you in this instance. Mrs. Davis appeared to be the aggressor here. Axelrod was seated and motioning for help from security. Mrs. Davis was in his grill, pointing and appeared to touch him at least once. If Axelrod threatened her or his language was way out of line, then Mrs. Davis should have gotten security and let them handle it. Mr. Davis had no business leaving the court in this situation. If Mrs. Davis had been seated and an angry man up in her face that's another story, but that was not the case. Axelrod did not appear to be drunk and did not appear to be a threat. The NBA has become a joke and is declining in popularity because it's dominated by overpaid, classless punks and thugs. I hope Axelrod takes 'em to the cleaners.

Fred W. in Rapid City: I agree with you wholeheartedly about rude fans and the alcohol that incites them. But after stating you weren’t taking sides, you took sides, apparently forgetting that the allegation was that SHE started the whole thing in the first place. GRRRR. Could it be that she felt she had special status as the wife of an NBA star? Could it be that you also assigned her that special status by finding “an exception” to the rule about players entering the stands? As in all things, once you start allowing “exceptions” to rules — especially to the rich — you are undermining the rule itself. The solution is so obvious. Don’t sell alcoholic beverages at sporting events and seat players’ families in a special section which can be better secured.

Lori P. writes: You complain about the abhorrent behavior of sports fans at sports events and right you are. Of course that is a valid complaint! However, thank goodness we don't have the massive trampling of fans like at some world sports events (soccer comes to mind) or the brutal massacre of athletes that lost a game from tyrannical countries who cannot act with good sportsmanship. So, while there may be some ignoramuses in the bleachers, all in all, our sports events are tame. So, GET OFF THE COUCH, YA SILLY!

Terry in Bossier City to Brian B. from last column: You couldn't be more wrong and you are exactly a left lane vigilante. You are ONLY supposed to pass in the left lane. So if you don't want to weave through traffic, then stay in the right lane. It is not a driving lane for those of you who don't want to "weave." Try it in Louisiana and you can get ticketed where it is illegal to block the left lane when driving along cars in the right lane. You are to pass and get over.

Steven in Las Vegas: To T. Woods (the person who loves to take his/her time while someone is waiting for their parking spot): My daddy used to tell me you're either part of the problem or part of the solution. Wanna take a stab as to which category you fall under when you purposely take your sweet time to vacate a parking spot someone else is waiting for? Sure, other cars may have to go around that Oblivion waiting for your spot, but by you being an Obliviot, you only compound the problem further! Way to go ... not! You complain people waiting for a spot are annoying, yet you do your best to annoy them. Hypocrite much? Grrr to you!

Amie in Cyberspace: OK Mike, being a man maybe you can explain this to me ... and I hope that this isn't too "racy" to put in your column. We have a male co-worker who seems to be obsessed with, well, checking to make sure his "package" is still there. If he isn't cupping himself, he is tugging at his underwear or gyrating his hips. GRRR! Why do men do this? Has one ever actually fallen off??? How on earth do men NOT notice that they're doing this?! I hope you print this to make other men who may not otherwise be aware of this "picking" problem and stop them from making fools of themselves in front of their female co-workers.

Tip in Memphis: I love your column and historically agree with you 100 percent, but I must take partial exception to a portion of your column dated Jan. 19, 2006. I spent six months confined to a wheelchair or scooter a couple of years ago, and while I am not debating the “overaggressive” operation of scooters exhibited by many users, I am telling you that many times that sort of driving is required because of all of the oblivions who do not realize or care to realize that it takes more space to ride in a chair or scooter than to simply walk. There were many occasions during my confinement when if I did not assert myself (and my chair), I would not have made any forward progress at all. This in no way is an attempt to excuse the rude behavior of some of these individuals. There is no excuse for that and in that regard they truly are oblivions. Handicapped parking, well let us just say there would not be a need for so much if all the non-handicapped oblivions would stop parking in those spaces.

Bill S in Springfield, Ill.: I've read your column for months now and have almost always found it enjoyable. But I just wanted to respond to Jill S. who wrote a wonderful e-mail about a high school friend she lost contact with and how she ended up finding him after he had written a successful book. I am really glad you posted her message. It is wonderful to know that in a world filled with self-centered Oblivions and Obliviots who make it incredibly difficult to shop in a local Wal-Mart without wanting to snap (or just become as incredibly rude as they are), there are still warm-hearted, kind people. To know that a writer who has struggled through life and is working on achieving his goals is great, but to see that someone who sees that person as kind would take to time to brag for him, without him even knowing about it, is so much better. If we all did this, maybe, just maybe, some Oblivions would take note and see the world does not revolve around them.

Eric M. writes: Grrr to the ImporTant sitting behind me on a recent flight who berated an innocent stewardess because a free upgrade to the last seat in first class was given to an employee of the airline instead of him and then continued to grumble for the duration of the flight. I may be in the minority, but I think free upgrades for airline employees (which I am not) are perfectly reasonable perks of employment. Even if they didn't give it to the employee, I'm sure this guy would have felt more deserving than other frequent flyers on board. "Atta girl" to the stewardess who sternly reminded that clown that the flight was only 45 minutes long.

R. Weedon in Phoenix on the Mall Grrr!: You forgot one for the oblivions. The group roadblockers, who walk side by side all but linking arms, expecting everyone to wait patiently behind them.

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