Guests and Topics: January 6

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With the fate of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health still unknown, what does the future hold for Israeli politics and Mideast peace?

Then, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says he hopes for the death of Israel's leader. Is this surprising considering his recent remarks questioning the Holocaust? We’ll ask former Iranian general Houshang Filsouf.

And in an H&C follow-up, we’ll update you on the unbelievable story about a judge who sentenced a man to sixty days in jail for raping a little girl. Should he be impeached? Vermont State Rep. George Coppenrath has details.

Also, DePaul University prevents it's on-campus group College Republicans from posting fliers protesting a visit by controversial professor Ward Churchill. Can they really do that?
We’ll debate it.

Plus, are feminists' demands that all professions be equally open to women lowering standards in our military and exposing soldiers to greater and unacceptable risk? So argues author Kate O’Beirne in her book, “Women Who Make the World Worse.” Hear the reasons behind her bold opinion tonight.

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—The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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