MLB Tells Astros to Open Stadium Roof

Major League Baseball (search) ordered the roof open at Minute Maid Field for Game 3 of the World Series on Tuesday night, ignoring the wishes of the Houston Astros.

Jimmie Lee Solomon, executive vice president of baseball operations in the commissioner's office, made the announcement at Minute Maid Field (search) about four hours before the scheduled first pitch. It was 71 degrees and the sky was cloudless when Solomon spoke.

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"It's a beautiful day," Solomon said. "This is not unprecedented. It happened in 2001 down in Arizona. The roof was open all four games there."

The Astros like playing with the roof closed because, among other things, it increases the noise.

Solomon said the commissioner's office followed the Astros' regular-season guidelines, which call for the roof to be open when the temperature is under 80 degrees and there is no rain.

"I think it's a disregard to our fans, the comfort of our fans," Astros manager Phil Garner (search) said.

Solomon said the roof is likely to be open for all games in Houston this week.