Cam'ron Out of Hospital After Being Shot

Cam'ron (search), who is recovering from a gunshot wound suffered in an apparent carjacking in Washington, said would-be thieves shouldn't expect him to give up his ride so easily.

The 29-year-old rapper was wounded early Sunday when he refused to give up his Lamborghini at a traffic light after leaving a nightclub. When he attempted to drive away, the gunman fired a single shot that passed through both of his arms, Lynn Hobson, a spokeswoman for Cam'ron's label, Diplomat Records (search), said Sunday.

Cam'ron was treated at Howard University Hospital and released Sunday afternoon.

"People are foolish if they think I'm going to lose my head and give up anything to anyone just because someone threatens me," Cam'ron, who was back home in Harlem, said in a statement Monday.

"I'm doing OK. It takes more than a botched carjacking to keep me down."

The rapper, whose hits include "Hey Ma" and "Oh Boy," will release his latest album, "Killa Season," in February. He also plans to release a film by the same name.