Topics and Guests for October 8 & 9

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October 8

New Yorkers are on high alert and coping with a major security scare as the New York City Police Department (search) and FBI (search) investigate a “credible” tip that operatives are planning to bomb city subways. Should Mayor Michael Bloomberg (search) have gone public with the threat or is he just feeding into terrorist scare-tactics?

And, more than a month after Hurricane Katrina (search), the vast majority of the nearly 1,000 dead in Louisiana lie anonymously in a morgue. How cans this happen? Who’s running the show down there? Geraldo talks to New Orleans coroner Frank Minyard and former New Orleans Health Director Dr. Brobson Lutz.

Then, Geraldo reveals new information in the Natalee Holloway (search) investigation. Did investigators find a murder weapon? We’ll ask former FBI agent Harold Copus. And, hear former suspect Deepak Kalpoe's (search) shocking audio taped polygraph test! We’ll get reaction from Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway Twitty.

Also, should convicted murderer Scott Peterson (search) collect on Laci’s 250-thousand-dollar life insurance policy? We’ll ask victim’s rights advocate and Amber Frey’s attorney Gloria Allred. And we’ll get an update on Scott’s prison days from San Quentin (search) spokesman Vernell Crittendon.

Plus, is Katie Holmes' (search) pregnancy a PR stunt? Did Tom Cruise (search) pay her to “play” his partner? “Celebrity Justice's" Jane Velez Mitchell reports.

October 9

Tonight, the lights go out in Studio B. Don’t miss a special “At Large” tribute as Geraldo bids farewell to his primetime show.

Hold tight! We’re taking you around the world with Geraldo and his team to all the War on Terror hot spots as we bring you the best of the best in “At Large” war coverage.

Then, rewind with us as we take you back to some of the worst hurricanes, natural disasters and wildfires since “At Large” made it’s FOX News Channel debut in 2001. If there was a story to be told – Geraldo was there to tell it!

And, we’ll take a look back at the best of “At Large’s” crime coverage!

It’s the final farewell you don’t want to miss!

Those stories and much more!

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