Topics: October 3

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Monday, October 3:

President Bush nominated White House counsel Harriet Miers (search) to the Supreme Court today, turning to a lawyer to replace Sandra Day O'Connor and help reshape the nation's judiciary. Carl Cameron has the reaction from Capitol Hill.

• And who is Harriet Miers? Jim Angle takes a look at the Texan and longtime confidant of President Bush who has never served as a judge and could become the next Supreme Court justice.

• Then, how are conservatives reacting to Miers’ nomination? We’ll have reaction from Dr. James Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family (search).

• On the opening day of its term, Supreme Court justices got to first witness John Roberts become the nation's 17th chief justice. Following tradition, Roberts suited up in his robe and took the center seat on the bench before the opening gavel. Megan Kendall has the details.

• Rep. Tom DeLay (search) was charged last week for conspiring with two associates to use corporate donations to support Texas legislative candidates. Brian Wilson takes a closer look at the indictment.

• And when John Kerry (search) said last week in a Senate hearing on Katrina recovery that the Small Business Administration had approved only six loans in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, it sounded horrible, but in fact the situation is even worse than Kerry described. Why is it taking so long? Major Garrett investigates.

• Then, Bret Baier will report from the Pentagon with the latest news out of Iraq.

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