George Clooney: Liberal and Proud

George Clooney (search) is mad that liberal has become a dirty word.

"I'm going to keep saying 'liberal' as loud as I can and as often as I can," Clooney told Newsweek magazine in an interview about the film "Good Night, and Good Luck," which he co-wrote and directed.

The black-and-white film about journalist Edward R. Murrow (search) will be in theaters nationwide on Oct. 14. Clooney plays the role of CBS producer Fred Friendly (search).

The 44-year-old actor is taking on another politically charged role later this year, as real-life CIA (search) agent Robert Baer. The film, "Syriana," is a drama about terrorism, oil and the Middle East.

To prepare for that role, he has gained 30 pounds, trimmed his hairline and grown a beard, he told Newsweek. The movie will probably get him in "a lot of trouble" politically, he said.