Jessica Alba Gets 'Into the Blue'

It's not all fun in the sun as the Caribbean plays backdrop in this weekend's new adventure movie "Into the Blue" (search).

The action begins when laid-back island divers played by Jessica Alba (search) and Paul Walker (search) discover a sunken treasure.

"This is a beautiful action thriller — it's a great date movie, age appropriate," Alba told FOX News.

"There's sequences where I'm just like, 'Man it's like a music video, you could just play some music and you could get into it,'" Walker added.

Walker's Jared Cole is a mildly scruffy pretty boy living in a trailer in the Bahamas with girlfriend Sam Nicholson (Alba), a shark handler at a nearby tourist resort.

Sam loves their quiet, uneventful, smoochy life, but Jared dreams of fixing up his rickety boat and searching for sunken vessels bearing lost riches.

He gets his chance when an old college buddy — who has use of a beachside mansion and monster yacht — comes for a visit with his new girlfriend.

Off the two couples go for some innocent diving adventures that lead to two discoveries: a 150-year-old shipwreck, presumably containing hundreds of millions in treasure, and a fortune in cocaine inside a cargo plane that crashed close by.

Inevitably, our gang ends up in a whirlpool of trouble with the law, rival treasure hunters and drug runners.

Associated Press movie writer David Germain, who gives the film one and a half stars, says that "director John Stockwell is lost at sea with 'Into the Blue.'"

"At times, 'Into the Blue' seems to exist solely to show off Jessica Alba's body. But realizing this isn't a Sports Illustrated swimsuit video, Stockwell and company string a silly tale of shipwrecks, fortune seekers and drug smugglers between their eye-candy montages of Alba and co-star Paul Walker cavorting above and below the waves."

He adds: "Shane Hurlbut's cinematography buoys the movie, but his lovely pictures of the actors swimming among sharks, jellyfish and shimmery aquatic vegetation cannot compensate for everything else."

And though Alba cuts a fine figure in her swimsuit, don't expect to see much more of her in her next movies.

"I do not like being in my bathing suit. Especially in front of strangers, especially in front of cameras. I can't say that I would ever do a movie in a bikini again," Alba said.

FOX News' Mike Waco, Anita Vogel and The Associated Press contributed to this report.