The Buck Stops Here

It was brief, it was quick, but it happened that we were able to pull back and actually smile today. After weeks of unparalleled death and destruction we had some fun at 7:30 a.m. ET all involving a great underwear giveaway. Somehow it segued into a tasteful "spanking" conversation, but you had to be there to truly understand.

Amazing times in the news business as we watched at least three stories of major magnitude closely. Iraq (search) caught us by surprise as 11 suicide bombers inflicted their usually heinous evil carnage, but it could not overshadow the tremendous coalition offensive in the north. Do you know we have arrested hundreds of terrorists over the last five days on the Syrian-Iraqi border area and among the captured, 20 insurgent leaders! Do you know that Iraqis played — and are playing — a major role in the takedown? Well, they are and even though the counter was strong the damage on these mutants is far greater. It's great to hear an Iraqi leader say thank you America and really mean it. That's exactly what Iraqi President Talabani (search) did on Tuesday and Wednesday. We went out to Iraq talked to Col. Grimes about the deal on the ground and they are just so much more optimistic than the American media. I just appreciate their efforts so much, as do Steve and E.D. and hope they know how much YOU do too.

The other story of course is Hurricane Katrina (search). The situation all around seems to get brighter with every report and every gallon of water that leaves the Crescent City. As many of you have written, we too are concerned about the pumping back of the rancid water into the lake, but no really smart people have any other ideas. I will have a hard time eating fish from the region.

It's refreshing to hear President Bush step up and take the blame for anything wrong that the federal government did in preparing for the hurricane and getting aid in after it hit. Hopefully others will see the light and do the same — like Louisiana's governor and mayor. We had an official on today who said the school buses underwater were not used because they did have enough drivers. Nice plan right? But wait, it gets better. He also said they were suppose to bring any or all evacuees to the Super Dome — a place that minutes before he claimed was never meant to be used as a shelter? What? So, if the buses worked, evacuees could wait in a gang-infested dark structure while slowly dying of thirst? I just don't get it and I cannot blame the president for stupidity like this, can you? The president is likely to name a reconstruction Czar on Thursday night and I say it has to be Rudy Giuliani (search). Think about it: He has to do something to stay relevant for 2008 — why not showcase his skills and quickly help rebuild thousands of lives?

The third and fourth stories are the Judge Roberts (search) hearings and Hurricane Ophelia. As for the Roberts hearings, I am bored to tears and, unless you are a lawyer or related to Roberts, I imagine that you are bored too. I have not idea what half of these memos written in 1981-82 mean and find it shocking that they all went through 80,000 sheets in prepping for the big four-day summit.

Finally, I like seeing Sen. Corzine in studio and almost think he's too smart for politics. He let me know after his segment that electing him for governor will mean a full court press to keep the Jets, Devils and Giants in New Jersey. He tried to get the Nets, but they are heading to Brooklyn. Look for him to get some mass transit and he really lit up thinking about the possibilities for the swampy section of Jersey.

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