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Existing homes sales numbers slowed more than expected, but new home sales rose to a record last month of 1.41 million. Is this a good indicator of how the economy is moving? We’ll get Wall Street’s reaction from Mary Lisanti, president and portfolio manager of AH Lisanti Capital Growth LLC; Dan Genter, president and CEO of RNC Genter Capital Management, and Adam Lashinsky, senior columnist of Fortune magazine.

Plus, we'll get reaction from Alphonso Jackson (search), secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

He was once the powerful leader of the United States Senate. But did the White House use a controversial comment by Trent Lott (search) to put their man into the job? We’ll ask him.

We’ll get a fair and balanced debate on the No Child Left Behind Act from Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut attorney general, and Sandy Kress, former senior education advisor to the president.

And, how can you tell if someone is a liberal or a conservative? Watch them sleep. According to a new study, one has a much more restless nights sleep than the other. Which one? We’ll ask Dr. Kelly Bulkeley, author of "Dreaming Beyond Death."

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