Topics and Guests for August 18

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Israeli security forces drag Jewish activists out of synagogues in the Gaza Strip (search) as they continue to try to clear out settlements where some protestors are refusing to be evicted. FOX News' Jennifer Griffin is live with the latest.

Then, Cindy Sheehan's anti-war protest outside the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas, has been joined by liberal advocacy groups like and activists such as Michael Moore. But are these liberal organizations using Sheehan for their greater cause? We'll get insight from Mike Gallagher, a radio talk show host and FOX News contributor, who was in Crawford this past weekend.

And, the U.S. Army is already six percent ahead of its reenlistment goals for the year. And the entire U.S. Military is on track to meet or exceed end-of-year targets. After many months of missed recruitment goals, what gives? Retired U.S. Army Col. Ralph Peters, author of "New Glory," weighs in.

Plus, as the attacks in Iraq seem to increase, polls suggest that America is growing impatient with the war. And Democrats could capitalize on this, turning the anti-war sentiment into a rallying point for next year's midterm elections. So how worried is the GOP? We'll ask Ken Mehlman, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

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