Topics and Guests for August 14

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Sunday, August 14

Deepak Kalpoe filed a complaint against Natalee Holloway's mother this past week, claiming he felt threatened by her actions when she visited him at the Internet café where he works. So did Beth Holloway Twitty threaten Deepak? Or, perhaps, does Deepak have something to hide? We'll get the latest from Tito Lacle, investigative reporter for Aruba Today, and Benvinda DeSousa, Jug and Beth Holloway Twitty's attorney. Then, we'll talk with Natalee's father, Dave Holloway.

Then, the reward for LaToyia Figueroa (search) has been increased to $100,000. The five-months pregnant Philadelphia woman has been missing since July 18. Stephanie Stevenson, LaToyia's aunt, joins us with the latest in the desperate search. Then, we'll get reaction from LaToyia's ex-boyfriend, Anthony Williams.

And, Tropical Storm Irene (search) intensifies and is expected to reach hurricane strength. Will Irene hit the U.S. East Coast? We'll get the latest weather update from Steve Penstone and Joe Bastardi, both of

Plus, we'll be joined by:

Pat Brosnan, retired NYPD detective
Art Wood, former Secret Service agent
Harold Phipps, retired FBI agent
Mercedes Cowlin, defense attorney
Steve Huff, crimeblogger,

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