Out-of-the-ordinary news from the folks at "Studio B"...

'Sorry, Wrong Number'

A woman in Montana got a phone call to her business's 800 number. The caller wanted to know about Medicaid (search). No big deal, just a wrong number. But then she got another call — and another.

It turns out 339,000 people got a letter about big cuts to their Medicaid services and the letter had the wrong phone number for questions. As you might guess, most of the people calling have been quite upset.

The original mailing cost Montana $80,000. Now it's got to send out another one with a correction. The state will also reimburse the businesswoman for her time and the charges to her toll-free number.

Heavy Traffic Fine

A guy in North Dakota was pretty ticked off that he got a $120 traffic ticket. We don't exactly know why he got it, but it might have something to do with the fact that parking meters don't take pennies.

When the guy went to court to pay his penalty, he brought about 12,000 cents with him — enough to fill a garbage can. The judge didn't quite see the humor in the whole thing, so he made the guy sit and wait while all the pennies were counted. A court administrator had to lug all the copper coinage to a bank and run it all through a machine.

It might have been worth the wait though — we're told he got some change back.

Breathing Easy

One guy is breathing easy — literally — now that he finally found his long lost dentures.

A guy went to the doctor complaining of shortness of breath. An X-ray showed an unusual object in his lungs. Turns out that a denture he lost three years ago was blocking an air passage and causing a mild case of pneumonia. The surgeon says he might have lost part of his lung if it got any worse.