Hats Off to the Brits

Tony Blair's (search) got the right idea. Yes, we are a free society in which free speech is a highly prized right.

But, no, we're not going to let you use that right of free speech to plot to kill us.

So Blair announced Friday that the rules have changed in Great Britain and from now on those who speak hate and jihad and suicide bomb recruitment will not be allowed into the country. And if they are already in the U.K., they're going to get the boot.

Good one, Tony. Way to go.

Enough of this stuff that these guys are really harmless madmen mumbling strange things that can't hurt anybody.

That's been proved wrong.

So Tony said, "You preach that stuff, you can't come in." But he went farther. He said, "If you have ever preached that stuff, if we can find any record of you mouthing off like that, we're going to expel you."

Justifying or glorifying terrorism is an official offense in Great Britain now. Good. About time.

And if the speaker of terror speech is already a Brit citizen, they're going to put something called a control order on you.

I think it's something a bit more serious than the ankle bracelet on Martha Stewart (search).

Now this comes just as the New York Civil Liberties Union (search) is self-righteously decrying the New York Police Department's plans to randomly inspect bags on the subway.

The Civil Liberties Union says it's unconstitutional, that terrorists should be able to get on and off the subways without being bothered by cops. Actually, they seem to be very worried about you and me being bothered by cops. I'm not bothered. They can look in my bag all they want. All they'll find is my gasmask and an old New Yorker [magazine.]

Now, can you imagine a more vivid contrast?

In Great Britain, they're going to look inside your skull to see if you even think about terrorists. I don't hear much outcry even from the lefties.

Here the lefties are screaming bloody murder that the cops want to look in your backpack.

How could the Brits be ahead of us with this stuff? How could we let that happen?

That's My Word.

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