Topics and Guests for August 3

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Fourteen Marines and a civilian interpreter are killed in Iraq by an improvised explosive that hit the amphibious assault vehicle in which they were riding in. This most recent attack raises the number of troops killed this week to 21. Team FOX is live in Baghdad with the latest.

Then, President Bush says he believes intelligent design (search) should be brought into the classroom. But so far, efforts to incorporate this theory into science classes have sparked some strong opposition. Will the president's support put intelligent design into textbooks, right alongside evolution? We'll ask William Dempsky, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute.

And, Sen. Hillary Clinton (search) signed on to a proposal to expand the military. Is she serious or is it more presidential positioning? We'll get the lowdown from Bill Press, radio talk show host and former chair of the California Democratic Party, and Democratic strategist Chris Lehane.

Plus, King Abdullah (search), Saudi Arabia's new king, is believed to be in his 80s. The next royal in line is also up there age wise, which means there could be some really short reigns. So what impact will this have on Saudi Arabia's standing in the world? Simon Henderson, senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, weighs in.

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