Naming Names

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," July 13, 2005, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: Bernie Goldberg has earned all kinds of praise and hate mail for his attacks on what some call the liberal media. In his latest book, he goes after the right, as well as the left. It's called "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (And Al Franken is #37)."

Bernie Goldberg joins us now to talk about some of the political leaders who made the list.

So, first of all, why did you decide that this is the book you needed to do after "Bias"?

BERNARD GOLDBERG, AUTHOR, "100 PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING UP AMERICA": Because "Bias" was about the media. That's all it was about. It was about liberal bias in the media. This is about the whole culture. I mean, the culture is heading south in many ways. This is a great, great country. But you walk down the street and some guy is on a cell phone. Every 10 seconds, he's dropping the F-bomb, and not just on a big city street, small town. It doesn't matter.

As we became more tolerant of all the right things, like civil rights and women's rights, we became indiscriminately tolerant. We became tolerant of crap in the culture. And I said, "You know what? There are real people responsible, and I am going to name 100 of them."

GIBSON: All right. I don't know if he's the head of your list, but Jimmy Carter (search). Now, why do you put Jimmy Carter in this list of 100?

GOLDBERG: Well, first, he deserves credit for building houses for people with not very much money. So let's give him credit for that.

But he has this strange habit of cozying up to dictators, you know?

GIBSON: Not those guys with him there.


GOLDBERG: No. He doesn't cozy up, by the way, to dictators in right-wing countries. That's good. But he does cozy up to dictators in left-wing companies.

I mean, Ceausescu (search), the former dictator of Romania, Carter had great things to say about him right before the Romanians hauled the guy out and shot him in the public square. I mean, give him credit for building houses, but he has too much confidence in the bad guys and not enough in the good guys, I think.

GIBSON: Al Gore.

GOLDBERG: Well, he's annoying. I mean, he could have been on the list just for being annoying.

But after he lost the election by a whisker, the new Al Gore (search) emerged. And the new Al Gore wasn't controlled by controlling authorities and people telling him what kind of clothes to wear. So, he didn't speak anymore. He yelled. He bellowed. And everything he bellowed was about how the war is — I mean, you could argue that the war is a big mistake. I mean, a lot of people have argued that, but the implication was that we knew what we were doing and got into it anyway and lying and this and that.

I think he's a good example of the culture getting nasty. And I think, frankly, so is Howard Dean (search), the current head of the Democratic National Committee. You know, Mehlman, the head of the Republican side, I may agree with him or not, but he seems like a decent, civil guy. Howard Dean doesn't.

GIBSON: Now, you mentioned some on the right making the list as well.

GOLDBERG: Yes. There's one radio talk show host on the right who is on the list, Michael Savage. Whether you agree with what he says about any particular issue, immigration or taxes or whatever else, I mean, he's just angry all the time. And if I'm going to write about liberals who are angry all the time, I can't leave a guy like that off the list.

GIBSON: Anger is the issue here, isn't it?

GOLDBERG: Well, I think the culture has just gotten too angry and too vulgar and too nasty. And I think people on the left, as well as the right, have noticed that.

And from the initial reaction to this book — it's only been out about a week — I think this book is catching up with the American people. I think they know it's too nasty and they don't like it.

GIBSON: "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America," Bernie Goldberg's latest book.

Bernie, it's good to see you. Thank you.

GOLDBERG: Always good to see you.

GIBSON: There's no anger here, Bernie.


GIBSON: Thanks for coming in. Appreciate it.

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