Free Passes for Killers in Aruba?

Headquarters in the Netherlands has sent the troops out to Aruba to help out in the Natalee Holloway (search) case. Want to know how they do things back at headquarters in Holland?

Here's a clue:

A Dutch member of Parliament has accused two cabinet members of allowing criminality to be visited on Dutch citizens — tantamount to a crime itself.

What was it the two cabinet ministers did?

Well, the two cabinet ministers refused to buy heroin to give out for free to drug addicts.

Let me repeat that. In Holland, two cabinet ministers are under attack by a member of Parliament for refusing to spend enough tax money on free heroin for junkies.

Here's the quote from the member of Parliament: "A minister who refuses to put money into the heroin supply program is consciously helping to maintain criminality in big cities."

Junkies, as everyone with a VCR knows, steal stuff to maintain their heroin habit. In Holland, they keep the junkies from stealing stuff by giving them free heroin. Except the two government ministers got chintzy with the money and now only 300 junkies are covered instead of 1,000 junkies who need heroin.

So 700 junkies have their eye on your VCR or your car stereo or the pearls hanging around your wife's neck.

And whose fault is that? The junkies? No. It's the fault of the government which didn't buy the junkies enough heroin.

Now I bring you this news as a public service to help you understand the Natalee Holloway case.

You may have been wondering why the cops waited so long to round up the three boys who were actually with Natalee instead of the two security guards who probably never laid eyes on her.

You may be wondering why the law seems to turn a blind eye to the obvious motive of the father, a judicial official, to inform his dopey, arrogant, spoiled brat son that if the cops can't find a body, the killer probably has the case won.

So free heroin for junkies, free passes for killers.

You probably want to know how the local system works when you leave the tender mercies of American law and subject yourself to somebody else's law for your next beach vacation.

Hawaii is nice.

That's My Word.

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