Bill O'Reilly has some explosive tape of Denver professor Ward Churchill (search) for Wednesday night.

You remember him, right? He's the professor who teaches kids that the 9/11 victims had it coming because they were all little Eichmans sitting at their desks enslaving and inflicting genocide on the world.

Well, O'Reilly has some new tape of Churchill telling kids that it's probably better for a conscientious objector to get in the military and use his access to frag his officers than get out of service on his conscientious objector claim.

Fragging, of course, is when a soldier blows up his own officers.

There's another bit of fragging going on over Churchill that O'Reilly probably ought to go after next, but I'll tell you about it now.

William Bradford (search) is a professor of law at Indiana Law School. He is a 39-year-old legal scholar, specializing in international law. He does not yet have tenure and probably won't get it and here's why:

Bradford is a Gulf War vet, who conspicuously wrote a defense of a flag displayed in public at Indiana Law after 9/11 — which eventually was taken down after some lefty professors objected.

He also refused to sign a letter sent by one of the most left wing professors on the campus. The letter was a defense of Ward Churchill for his little Eichmans remark.

The letter was written by Florence Roisman (search), who has said of herself, "Everybody here would tell you I am the most to the left person on the faculty."

When Bradford refused to sign the letter declaring support for Churchill, Roisman and others at Indy Law decided he was being "un-collegial" and that's bad.

In fact, it's code for: "We're not going to approve your tenure, 'Mr. Soldier Boy Law Professor'."

One more thing: Bradford is a Native American and Apache. Remember Churchill's claim that he's Native American? Well, Bradford is the real thing. Churchill evidently smoked the peace pipe and got declared a Native American.

Anyway, Bradford is being run out of Indy Law because of opposition of people who support people like Ward Churchill.

Playing on a phrase from a recent best seller, all this raises the question, "What's the matter with Indiana?"

That's My Word.

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