We want to know what YOU think about the most controversial case in modern American history. Did Oswald kill JFK by himself, or was his murder a choreographed conspiracy? And if so, why?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

“President Kennedy's assassination was a professional hit. I always believed that more than one person shot Kennedy. The Magic bullet theory just doesn't hold water. He made a lot of enemies after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, which I believe led to his assassination.” Norbert (Sheffield Lake, OH)

"I cannot wait to watch the series.  I don't buy that Oswald acted alone, but I do love watching Ruth Paine recalling what happened then.  It is fascinating.  As for me, I think it was a conspiracy.  I think he was murdered because he was bucking the system.  He was a visionary and he was shot done because of it.  So were Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.  Hopefully one day we will know the truth.  We must continue to ask "how" and "why" if we are to evolve as a nation." Josh (Austin, TX)

"I think that we will never know.  I think it is a shame that this country has moved on and no one cares.  I cannot believe that we swallowed the absurd Warren Commission Report and are not screaming for justice.  The implications of this murder have reverberated throughout our history and to this very day.  America is asleep.  It chooses to be." —  Ben (Camden, ME)

“I think Oswald acted alone.  I do, however, think that it is important to note that the Warren Commission had the sequence of the shots mixed up and that Oswald actually had eight seconds, not six, to fire the rounds.  It is a significant difference.  I also once heard Oswald's mother described as the most evil person he ever met, which if true was a contributing factor in the psychosis of the assassin.”  Kenny (Kings Mountain, NC)