Ice Cleaner Plowed

A New Jersey man is on the rocks, his career on ice, after he was busted for being drunk while driving an ice-cleaning machine.

John Peragallo, 63, was given a summons Sunday afternoon near the skating rink at the Mennen Sports Arena (search) in Morristown, N.J., reported the Newark Star-Ledger.

Another employee had called police around noon to say that Peragallo, behind the wheel of the four-ton machine, was speeding, sliding into turns and nearly hitting the boards at the edges of the rink — all with a big smile on his face as nervous skaters watched from the sidelines.

By the time the cops got there, the machine — known to hockey fans as a Zamboni (search) — was parked, but Peragallo, a senior operating engineer who's been with the Morris County Parks Commission (search) for 11 years, was still at the scene.

The police report, as quoted by the New York Daily News, said that Peragallo had bloodshot eyes and the "odor of alcoholic beverage" on his breath.

When asked to take a Breathalyzer test, he allegedly replied, "Let's go, so I can prove I'm OK."

Sadly for him, he checked out with a 0.12 blood-alcohol level, well above the 0.08 legal limit in New Jersey.

Peragallo's car keys were taken away and he was told to appear in court in July to face a charge of drunken driving. Apparently a Zamboni is considered a motor vehicle, no different from a car.

Peragallo could lose his driver's license — for both cars and Zambonis — if he's convicted.

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Shopping and Drinking Don't Mix

DEVILS LAKE, N.D. (AP) — A man is accused of driving an electric-powered shopping cart around a grocery store here while drunk, endangering other customers.

Clifford Mattson, 27, was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, Detective Sue Schwab said Tuesday.

Schwab said police went to the Leevers grocery store Monday afternoon, after reports of a drunken man driving the shopping cart into people and nearly knocking them down.

"He appeared to be actually driving after them," Schwab said. No one was hurt, she said.

The maximum penalty for the misdemeanor charge is 30 days in jail and a $500 fine, Schwab said. A court hearing was set for July 19.

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Too Bad There Won't Be a 'Grande Burrito'

MILWAUKEE (AP) — At 13 pounds, 12 ounces, Delaney Jessica Buzzell — nicknamed the "Big Enchilada" by her parents — isn't your average newborn.

Delaney was delivered by Caesarean section on June 23, three weeks early.

Father Paul Buzzell is 6-foot-2, and mother Robin Buzzell 5-foot-7. Nurse Judy Nadolski described them as "regular-sized."

"We're pretty normal," 34-year-old Paul Buzzell said.

Nadolski said carrying Delaney was like holding a 4- or 5-month-old infant.

"It was ready for a steak," the nurse said. "It had quite an appetite."

The Buzzells, from suburban Mequon, have had super-sized babies before.

Their now-4-year-old daughter, Cameron, weighed 11 pounds, 8 ounces at birth, and her sister Alexis, now 2, weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces.

When Cameron was born, Paul Buzzell put a sign on the door that said "Home of the Whopper." Alexis became "Whopper Jr."

With the birth of the "Big Enchilada," the Buzzells say their family is now complete.

"This will be the last one," Paul Buzzell said.

Less than 1 percent of babies weigh more than 11 pounds at birth.

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I Love You, Now Stay Away

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — When Rachel Dunham took out a restraining order against her boyfriend, she didn't expect to be marrying him a short time later.

So instead of honeymooning in Mexico, Rodney Tomsha sits in the Spokane County Jail (search), accused of violating the order by getting within two blocks of Dunham.

He tried to persuade a Spokane judge last week to lift the restraining order, but the judge refused.

The couple were married last Thursday in nearby Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Spokane police Detective Stephanie Barkley said.

Police received a tip about a Saturday wedding reception at a Spokane mansion, waited until the reception was over and then arrested Tomsha, 49, police spokesman Dick Cottam said.

Dunham, 25, had obtained the order after two reports of domestic violence were investigated by Barkley last year.

In addition, Dunham was arrested on June 17 — a week before the wedding — for investigation of domestic violence against Tomsha, police said.

Another court hearing seeking removal of the protection order was scheduled for Wednesday.

Jet Skis Take Off by Themselves

DUNKIRK, N.Y. (AP) — If it was a prank, the U.S. Coast Guard isn't amused.

A report of an empty personal watercraft off the Lake Erie shore in western New York prompted an air and water search Tuesday. An abandoned Jet Ski was found, but officials say there was no sign of anyone in the water.

But the search turned up several more abandoned watercraft and a powerboat along the shore, some with their throttles tied open. Authorities say all were reported stolen.

Police say they believe the thieves took the Jet Skis for a joyride and set them loose. The Jet Skis and the boat were towed back to Dunkirk and returned to their owners.

Politician Tells Voters They're Idiots

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. (AP) — A New York state lawmaker says he's embarrassed after he mistakenly sent out an e-mail message that referred to his constituents as "idiots."

Assemblyman Willis Stephens (search) says he thought he was sending the e-mail to an aide. Instead, he sent the note to nearly 300 people on an online discussion group that focuses on the community of Brewster.

The message included the comment that he was — quote — "Just watching the idiots pontificate."

Within an hour of sending the message Monday morning, Stephens sent another e-mail apologizing for the slip-up.

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