Ask the Boss — Casual Fridays

QUESTION: "My office has introduced "casual Fridays." How can I be professional and comfortable at the same time?" — Sean (Atlanta, GA)

Greg Norman
That’s an easy one. If your closet has a few selections from Greg Norman Collection, you’ll be fine! Today's business-casual environment has brought golf into the office, and not just with a cotton pique, but there are now quality fabrics and contemporary designs. Golf clothes are now seen as fashionable. Given what golf wardrobes looked like in the '60s and '70s, I don't think that's a development many people would have predicted. Outside of that, I would recommend dressing conservatively casual. — Greg Norman, Chairman and CEO of Great White Shark Enterprises

Christie Hefner
It's always better to err on the professional side. — Christie Hefner, Chairman & CEO, Playboy Enterprises

Mark Cuban
I’m the wrong person to ask this question of. My rule of thumb is that you dress to match your customers. If your customers wear a suit, you wear a suit. If you have customers coming in to the office on Friday, you wear a suit, if not, just wear something clean. — Mark Cuban, Owner, Dallas Mavericks

Alexandra Lebenthal
Wardrobe is a key element of your success. You can never be too dressed up, even on dress down Fridays! Take a look at the senior people in your organization - how do they dress on casual days? Chances are they are still somewhat dressy. Try and emulate them but at the same time have your own sense of style. Some red flags on being too casual- open toed shoes, no socks, wrinkled clothing, un-tucked shirts, cropped pants. Some green lights- pressed khakis, accessories and lastly a blazer (for both men and women) that always adds a little elegance to casual dressing. — Alexadra Lebenthal, President of Lebenthal (an AXA Financial Business)