PM: Two Years to a Secure Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari (search) said Monday that two years would be "more than enough" to establish security in his country.

Following talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search), al-Jaafari said factors such as building up Iraq's own security forces, controlling its porous borders and pushing ahead with the political process would all play a part.

"I think two years will be enough, and more than enough, to establish security in our country," al-Jaafari told a news conference, using an interpreter.

"As far as the time needed, I think the time depends on many factors, first the development of the security forces. We are working on this."

He added, "There are also the borders with other countries in the region. If the countries cooperate with us in controlling these borders, then the time will be shorter."

The United States and Iraq have accused Syria of not doing enough to stop foreign fighters from entering Iraq. Syria rejects the allegations, arguing it is impossible to seal its 360-mile border with Iraq.

The United States has launched several major offensives in western Iraq targeting foreign fighters near the border with Syria.

Asked about recently disclosed U.S. and British contacts with insurgent groups, al-Jaafari said he had no objections to having "dialogue with all the political forces" as long as they were not engaged in violence.

"We have not negotiated with anybody who has been involved in bloodshed or explosions," al-Jaafari said.