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Investigators in Aruba have five men in custody but are they any closer to finding Natalee Holloway? (search) We'll ask Natalee Holloway's family attorney, Vinda de Sousa.

Plus, FOX News correspondent Douglas Kennedy used to cover police investigations as a reporter. He joins us now for a look into what specifically goes into this kind of search.

Wisconsin Rep. David Obey fires some tough words at presidential adviser Karl Rove in response to comments rove made regarding how "liberals" reacted to 9/11. We'll get reaction to the latest ping-pong of verbal attacks between parties from political strategists Bob Beckel and Genevieve Wood.

And, she was dubbed this year's most powerful celebrity by Forbes, but was snubbed at the front door of a luxury Paris boutique. Is giving Oprah the cold shoulder bad for business? We'll ask Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz and Associates, and FOX News entertainment correspondent, Bill McCuddy.

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