Who Knows Where the Truth Lies?

As I write this, Joran van der Sloot's (search) father has just been arrested in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway (search) — how ironic that my friend Greta just interviewed him last night.

A moment ago, I passed a colleague in the hall — she too is working on the case — and she suggested that Paul van der Sloot (search) is probably the one who picked Joran up from the beach the night Natalee disappeared. Although Joran claims Deepak Kalpoe (search) picked him up (after dropping him off with Natalee), Deepak denies it. Who knows where the truth lies? We'll be live in Aruba for “DaySide” Friday.

As for Thursday's show, if you'd like to join the wounded soldiers who are riding their bikes cross-country to raise money for fellow wounded soldiers, find out more at these websites: Soldier Ride and Wounded Warrior Project.

And finally, your comments on a proposed Constitutional amendment (search) to ban flag burning — so far your e-mails are running 65 percent in favor of the amendment. Here are some examples:

How can we teach our children to respect their country (United States) if we allow any idiot and anti- American to burn the United States Flag? It should be against the law. Plus we are at war and our boys and girls lives are at stake. Just look at the backlash from the comments Durbin made. All we need is to fuel the fire for Al Jazeera to spread to the Arab world that the United States is at war with it's self by showing citizens of the United States burning their Flag in front of the White House!
—Forrest Adams, Powder Springs, Georgia

The Constitution allows people freedom of SPEECH, oral or written. Burning the American Flag is not SPEECH. The Constitution allows people "peaceably to assemble." Burning anything (cars or American Flag) during an assembly is not a peaceful act but is a riotous action. Therefore, burning the American Flag should not be construed as a right of freedom. It should be against the law and a federal crime.
—Mrs. Barbara A. Phelps

Aren't the knuckleheads who burn our beloved American Flag the very people who are burning the symbol that gives them the right to protest. Personally, I have no problem with flag burning, don't get me wrong, I fly my American Flag daily and proudly at my home, however, I wont let them get to me, because that's what they want, my view of our flag is in my heart, not with someone's opinion, it's far deeper. Our flag can stand on it's own as it has for over 200 years, some ridiculous one off protests aren't going to hurt our flag or what it stands for.
—Adam Polley, Phoenix, Arizona

One more thing: I'm out Friday, and Mike Jerrick will be pinch-hitting. Be gentle with him: He's a delicate flower. ;-)

See you Monday—


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