In the Nation's Best Interest?

French alert! French alert!

Seriously folks, you have to keep an eye on them.

I've told you before of the French desire to push Boeing (search) out of business and the special effort French Airbus (search) is making to win a Pentagon contract to build new Air Force mid-air refueling tankers (search).

We only have one big airframe maker left in this country and it's Boeing.

The other big one in the world is France and a few E.U. countries, which make Airbus, under the name EADS (search), which is European Air Defense Systems.

EADS is trying to get the Pentagon contract by playing like it is American. It hired an American president and it goes around the country setting up parts plants in districts of important congressmen.

Now it's decided to name a city where it will build the plant to build the new air tanker. It may be a French plane, but American workers are going to bolt it together. And they're going to build this plant in Mobile, Alabama, as deep in the South as you can go.

Now they think Americans are going to buy this.

If Bubba built the thing, it's OK if his boss is a Frenchy and all the money goes back to France. And now France is parading around the halls of Congress saying you better not go to war because we won't sell you any spare parts for your French built warplanes?

That happened to the Brits when they decided to do the Gulf War and their Belgian munitions suppliers said: No bombs, Mr. Brit because we think this war is wrong.

Can you imagine an American president having to make nice to the French so we can get engine parts for the planes we plan to go to war with?

This is so, so, so stupid.

Yes, we know Boeing was bad and a couple people had to go to jail. But this is bigger than that. This is the whole question of whether we are going to allow so-called allies — like the French — tell us whether we are going to go to war or not.

Don't think they won't try to use that card. They certainly would have used it before the Iraq War if they had the chance.

That's My Word.

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