Interesting Night in DC

Well, Tuesday night should be interesting in Washington D.C.: Howard Dean (search) is appearing with Sen. Dick Durbin (search) at a DNC fundraiser. Between the two of them, they seem to produce controversial soundbites... so we'll be watching what happens and we'll report back to you on “DaySide” Wednesday.

We're staying on the Natalee Holloway (search) case, of course, as well as Brennan Hawkins (search), the missing Boy Scout found in Utah. Actor Dean Cain (search) will be back on the show as well Wednesday, talking about his project to collect donated shoes to send to Iraq, so that soldiers can build goodwill by distributing them to Iraqi children.

As for Tuesday's show, here's some of the feedback to Richard Haass (search), who said, (as he writes in his book, "Opportunity") that the Iraq war was a mistake:

How can your guest tell us the value of the war? What time frame is he using? The benefits of a democracy in the Middle East have not yet begun to accrue.
—Tom, Shinnston, West Virginia

Invading Iraq over the WMDs, in hindsight, was a judgment error. It is true that Iraq had chemical weapons, but now they do not seem as threatening as was estimated... On the other hand, we have raised the issue of freedom and of fighting terror in several of the Middle Eastern countries, and that is a very good thing. I firmly believe that a stable Middle East is in our national interest, and therefore the Iraq war is justifiable and necessary...
—Bruce T., Reston, Virginia

See you all Wednesday—


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