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The Vesterblog is back from vacation!

Lots of e-mail coming in from you all about today's interview with Ben Shapiro (search), the 21-year old author of "Porn Generation." More on that in a moment.

Tomorrow we're working on a number things, including the latest out of Aruba (search) in the Natalee Holloway case. We're also working on a controversy in south Florida, that combines the problem of sex offenders and the ongoing hurricane season: In Seminole County, should a hurricane hit, the sheriff wants to make sure convicted sex offenders are not allowed into public shelters. Now, before you say, "That's unfair!", think about what's going on inside a shelter during a disaster. Having been in a few hurricanes, I can tell you that it's often chaotic, with little kids running around while their harried parents try to sort out what has become of their homes. Is it wise to allow convicted sex offenders into that kind of environment? What if I told you the sheriff is offering offenders their own separate shelter (near the jail) and is willing to help staff it? Let me know what you think; drop me an e-mail at and I'll read your comments on the air.

Now back to today's discussion about "Porn Generation": So far your e-mails are running 60 percent in favor of what Ben Shapiro suggested about censoring sex on TV. Here are both sides:

"Should I be forced to see unwanted, explicit pornography? Case in point: Enter on your search engine 'rhubarb custard bars' [or] 'Laura Ingalls Wilder' and one of the top ten will be a porno site... What about my rights? I don't think those who think censorship is wrong have the right to force their unwanted, unsolicited information on others."
— Karen Martin, Springfield, MO

"What country are we in??? What year is this??? Is it Salem circa witch-hunt days??? Why do people want to take away more and more freedoms? This kid has no clue about life, and is the major problem with our country..."
— Justin

"Ask Ben Shapiro if we should censor the Bible passages about David and Bathsheeba (infidelity), Lot's daughters sleeping with him (incest), Song of Solomon (seduction)..."
— Ed Turnbull, Tucson, AZ

"...You just can't seem to get away from [sex on TV] — even as a contentious parent who tries to filter it out. Like just now, I'm nursing my baby watching the news and I have to see the Carl's ad played for the 50th time on Fox News...PLEASE STOP! And if everyone would just stop playing this crap on TV and the radio during younger children's viewing hours — just maybe it could be possible to raise children who don't know the facts of life by kindergarten!"
— Patty McPhee, Haslett, MI

Patty, you're absolutely right about that disgusting Paris Hilton (search) ad — we unwittingly contributed to the problem by airing it on "DaySide" and I apologize. I'll ask the senior producer to mothball that ad ASAP.

See you all tomorrow,

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