Gitmo — a Great American Institution

Long before there was a Guantanamo Bay (search) prison for Al Qaeda, there was an Al Qaeda.

Long before we locked up the 20th hijacker at Gitmo, there was a 20th hijacker.

Long before Gitmo became the shame of America, the shame of the Arab world — suicide jihadists were preparing their attacks on America.

Long before Gitmo kept 600 terrorists busy answering questions from the CIA, terrorists were in camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan figuring out how to bomb the USS Cole (search).

Long before Gitmo prisoners complained about their Halal chicken dinners, they ate dirt in the hills while they planned to blow up the American embassies in Africa.

Long before Gitmo detainees figured out how to embarrass the United States by making up stories of Koran abuse, the same men were planning to make up stories about Koran abuse if they ever got caught.

Long before Pat Leahy (search) was wringing his hands about how tough it was for detainees to sit without trials, the same men were planning to just kill themselves while killing Americans.

So what's the complaint? That they're still alive instead of being dead while attempting to kill Americans?

This Guantanamo Bay business is another example of how we just can't help being stupid sometimes.

You've got 600 terrorists where you want them — with your boot on their neck — and you want to let them up and go on their way? Does that make any sense?

What is the point of granting rights to people who want to use those rights to take your rights away by killing you?

What is the point of pulling our forelock before the skirt of the Blind Lady of Justice if she's so damn blind she can't even tell when we're about to release people who have always wanted nothing more than to kill us?

Who is going to answer to the people who are killed next time if the people who do the killing are the ones we had in Gitmo and let go?

Is Joe Biden (search) going to step up and say, "Gee, I guess I made a mistake"?

Are the Brits whose bleeding hearts are staining their shoes going to say, "Oops, our bad"?

Is Pat Leahy going to say never mind?

Not a chance.

Come on America. Wise up. Come July 4th, celebrate Gitmo, a great American institution.

That's My Word.

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