Gitmo Debate

Aside from the Michael Jackson (search) verdict, the Saddam Hussein (search) courtroom tape and the release of two of the five suspects in the Holloway (search) case, nothing really happened on Tuesday's show.

First off, a special thanks to the Judge for answering the early call to help make sense of the Jackson acquittal on all 10 counts. I love juror No. 10 this morning, who told us that he thinks M.J. has molested before — just not his accuser. Great! So pedophiles are incurable and he thinks Jackson's a pedophile and he helped let him go free? Seems like a formula for a lifetime of sleepless nights. Geraldo brought the house down by saying, "I told you so" at 8:30 a.m. ET. After all, he said he'd shave his moustache if Michael was found guilty. To his credit he went and interviewed Jackson last month and is a lawyer — which makes him uniquely qualified to comment. Look for him to get the first interview. Personally, I want to hear from the kid so I can make my own decision.

Saddam's tape helped us dig one of his 30 lawyers from Rome and although he sounds like a pro, his goal is outlandish. He wants to move the trial site to Sweden. So, Saddam tortures the Iraqi people and kills thousands and we send him to Sweden to get justice? Forget it! Time to try and fry him. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the Saddam storyline of death and destruction.

Look for more stories about Gitmo and please keep in mind that we are at war and these people want us dead before you take Donald Rumsfeld (search) to task. Ten released prisoners have come back to fight and kill our guys again already. What about the 540 released prisoners on the loose?

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