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Well, well, well... so Deep Throat (search) has finally revealed himself. I must say, of all the names tossed out over the years (including Diane Sawyer), I never thought it was Mark Felt (search), the No. 2 guy at the FBI at the time. We're working on getting more details on this for Wednesday's "DaySide." We're also chasing the lawyers for the two American citizens, Sabir and Shah, arrested for offering to train and aid Al Qaeda fighters.

In addition, we're following a story being reported by the Associated Press that Gitmo detainees are testifying that they were "sold" to American soldiers for anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000. Who sold them? Apparently, when these fighters fled to Pakistan, local tribesmen sold them out for the cash. Former CIA agent Gary Schroen says it's possible this is true, since he personally took a suitcase full of $3 million in cash to Afghanistan (search) to supply and "encourage" local warlords to fight alongside Americans.

In the meantime, we're getting interesting feedback from you all about the Florida woman who you saw on "DaySide" Tuesday, getting Tasered by local police when she was pulled over for speeding. The dashboard camera video we aired showed Victoria Goodwin, age 22, at the moment she was Tasered: You saw her screaming and tumbling out of her SUV. Which prompted the following e-mails:

"Linda, I watch [your] show pretty regular and I thought it was [peculiar] that one segment of today's show was not fair and balanced! You showed the segment of the lady being Tasered... from my perspective you only showed it from the cop's point of view! No one to represent the young lady. Is it because police do no wrong?"
San Antonio, TX

"I have a question. Why didn't the public get to see [the rest of that tape]? If they can show us her getting Tasered, then why not show it all -- her behavior before she was Tasered? Why in Sam Hill would two male cops taser a woman?"
Sharon Bowman
Birmingham, AL

"If I got stopped by a cop… I would want to call someone and leave the phone open so that a witness could hear the whole conversation... not what the police wanted to put out as their version… cops are only human... they lie as much as the rest of us do."
Scott Wilson
Stuart, FL

"The driver in Boynton Beach got what she deserved. She is no better than anyone else. She was ordered to obey the law, was driving excessively fast in a 35 MPH zone. We need to quit making excuses for these idiot law breakers...."
Christine McDonald
Dublin, GA

Well, Marvin, first to your question. We didn't have a representative for Victoria Goodwin on the show today because we couldn't reach her; however, we're trying to make that happen for Wednesday's show. As for the video clip, I did some checking after the show today and found out a member of my staff had not aired the whole tape because the segment preceding what you all saw had poor audio quality. Had I known that before the show, I would have had my team go ahead and show the whole clip anyway -- audio glitches and all -- because I thought the segment we showed was potentially misleading. My apologies for that. We'll follow up on this on Wednesday.

See you all then.

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