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Millions of Americans are celebrating Memorial Day (search), but we can't forget the real reason — honoring the men and women who have given their life in defense of America. And for the heroes in Iraq, the fight continues to keep America safe and democracy alive. So what have we accomplished in Iraq? Dan Senor, former spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, weighs in.

The documentary "Hollywood Vietnam" looks at the slew of movies about soldiers fighting the war and veterans who have returned home. Some of the films come close to the truth while others portray a skewed version of both the fighting and those who live though it. How has Hollywood influenced our view of the Vietnam War (search)? We'll ask Robert Stone, director and producer of "Hollywood Vietnam."

Congressional leaders aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye these days — from John Bolton's controversial nomination and the fight over judicial nominees to questions about Tom DeLay's ethics. Why is Washington so bitterly divided? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Democratic strategist, Bob Beckel, and conservative syndicated columnist, Betsy Hart.

Then, President John F. Kennedy (search) would have celebrated his 88th birthday Sunday. Was JFK really a "natural" leader? John Barnes, author of "John F. Kenney on Leadership," weighs in.

And, democracies are the principle targets of suicide bombers (search) — with innocent civilians as the principle victims. So how can we fight suicide bombers? We'll ask Robert Pape, author of "Dying to Win."

Plus, with the blockbuster movie season just warming up, which tickets should you buy? Nicole Sperling, film business editor at the Hollywood Reporter, gives us the lowdown.

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