Judge Orders Sizemore to Appear in Court

A judge on Wednesday ordered actor Tom Sizemore (search) to appear in court next week to explain possible probation violations.

Sizemore failed to notify his probation officer after moving and has not enrolled in a drug treatment facility, prosecutor Sean Carney (search) said.

Sizemore, 43, was sentenced in March to 17 months in jail and more than four months in drug treatment for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation.

He has been allowed to remain free while appealing a separate conviction for domestic violence involving his ex-girlfriend, former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss (search).

Since the sentencing, Sizemore has gone to a treatment center for assessment but hasn't enrolled in the program, Carney said.

Sizemore's attorney, Gary Meastas, said: "I just think it's a miscommunication ... I'm very confident there is no problem whatsoever."

"He has been doing everything he's supposed to be doing ... He's testing clean," Meastas said.

Sizemore is best known for his roles in "Saving Private Ryan" (1998) and "Black Hawk Down" (2001).

In Superior Court on Wednesday, the actor asked Judge Paula Mabrey to let him travel to Thailand for work. The judge did not rule on that request but ordered Sizemore back in court June 2 to answer the parole violation allegations.