Burning Question

When is it OK for one man to hug another? That's the number one topic among e-mailers on Wednesday show. Can you believe it? On a day where Zarqawi (search) may be wounded, the Republicans are suddenly divided and Winky Wright tries to knock me out, our viewers want to talk about The Denver Post study.

The study looks at a growing trend among men to hug as a sign of affection. OK, it's not like we are going the European/Saudi kiss on the cheek route, but this is a big step for many men. And there is a way to hug. Yes, it's true. Men who prefer women will go chest to chest with a lean and usually unlock after a one-second hold. If your partner does not want to release, slap him on the back a few times in a friendly way. Where do you stand on hugging? And don't you think a warm two-handed shake would do just as well?

On the show today, Colonel Hunt let us know this wounded Zarqawi stuff is malarkey and that's so disappointing. I have a hunch that Hunt is wrong on this because its just too detailed a ruse if it is indeed a plot to throw us off.

We booked Senator George Allen — who, by the way, is looking more presidential by the day — to hear him sound off on the seven Republicans who cut the backroom deal on Monday night to avoid the filibuster vote. He is ticked off that Senator Bill First's leadership was trampled on and both sides outside the 14 moderates, seem every unhappy that the filibuster ban vote was curtailed before it could play itself out.

Winky Wright (search) might be the best boxer in the world right now and he just hammered the once mighty Felix Trinidad two weeks ago. He joined us in studio to talk about his next step after his impressive win and also allowed me to feel his power and speed. No, he did not whack me around, but did hit my workout mitts, in fact one right hand knocked the mitt across the studio. It was very, very funny and he has a great personality and I just love boxers. They sacrifice so much and so few make a good living. And more often then not they end up being the nicest guys. Count Winky as one of the nice guys!

I talked to Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler last week about their new flick "The Longest Yard" — a remake of the 1974 classic and you'll see the interview on Thursday. We talked movies, mutual respect and about their dads. For me it was a thrill talking with both men, because I hunted both for my book. Burt ended up on the cover and I never got to Adam. It's so tough getting to these superstars, but in this case Adam asked me why he wasn't in "The Games Do Count" and offered his sports saga for the next volume and that would be great. If you'd like to make the Father's Day purchase of the book and want me to sign it to someone go onto www.briankilmeade.com.

I also sat down with Chris Rock of "The Longest Yard" and let's just say we did not hit it off. Not sure why we did not have a great conversation, but I'm not airing it, sorry. Maybe I just didn't ask the right questions or he just doesn't like my English Leather cologne.

Also coming up Thursday and Friday a long sit down with Senator John McCain. Senator McCain might just be the best interview in Washington!


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