Political Theater

Based on your e-mails to me at “DaySide” today, you all seem 100 percent opposed to a compromise on the president's judicial nominations (search) — let 'em have an up or down vote and be done with it.

I haven't heard from a single one of you yet who supports the six Republican and six Democratic senators who are meeting tonight to try to strike a deal. Here are some examples:

How our judges are confirmed should be decided by 100 senators, not the Kooky 12...The Democrats keep throwing [that] 208 judges have been confirmed, gimme a break. Most of them are circuit court judges whose rulings can easily be overturned...
—Gil Stafford, Seagrove, North Carolina

How's this for a compromise: Let the Republicans have their way now as they in the majority. And as a test of sincerity, let the Democrats change the rule back to allow filibusters when they become the majority party.
—Dave, Orlando, Florida

...Once Republicans agree not to use the 'nuclear option', they will have set themselves up for failure later on.
—Arnette Heidcamp, Saugerties, New York

...We the people want up or down votes on all judges. We do not want the politicians that were elected to further the majority of the people's agenda to work deals and compromises with the minority. If they [the Democrats] want to filibuster then hold their feet to the fire and make them hold the floor until they drop! …
—Arlene Donohoe, Richmond, Virginia

If the Democrats truly wanted to “save” the filibuster, then they would give these judges an up or down vote and stop all of this. If they lose the filibuster, THEY are to blame.
—Pamela Farnsowrth, Franklin, Tennessee

There were many more e-mails along these lines — so now let's see what happens in the next 18 hours. Sure sounds like a lot of you are sick of the political theater.

Also Tuesday, we're planning to do more on the proposed legislation to limit women's roles in combat. This legislation was written by the House Armed Services Committee (search) last week, and if passed it reportedly will force the military to re-assign some 22,000 women currently serving in combat support roles. We'll have two members of Congress to debate this — fair and balanced as always. And I'd like for you to get in on the debate as well: Send me your thoughts at dayside@foxnews.com .

On the lighter side, we'll have a special guest too, something for all you Jeopardy fans. Ken Jennings (search) will be here. Yes, that Ken Jennings. Want to see if we can stump him? I'm not sure he's able to be stumped, but let's give it a shot. Send me the most obscure trivia question you can think of (same e-mail address as above) — and I'll read it on air to see if Ken can answer it.

See you Tuesday,


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