Pulpit Politics

Short blog today — heavy on e-mails about the flap at a North Carolina church. Should the pastor have resigned for telling the congregation that if they support John Kerry's views, they need to "repent or resign"? Most of you said no:

If a religious person is not allowed to talk politics in or out of church, why do Rev. Jackson and Sharpton get away get away with it?...
—Dave Mayer, Temecula, Georgia

Excellent point. But do they actually endorse a candidate from the pulpit? Do they tell those who disagree to repent or resign?

I think the pastor was right but that you took it out of context... The pastor was saying don't vote for people that go against God's word.
—Bill Thompson, Spring Hill, Florida

Here's the minority view from the e-mails:

I believe it is important for ministers... To speak about their faith and its relationship to society. I do not believe in discussing candidates...
—Doug, Portland, Oregon

See you all Friday—


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